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Peter Šteblaj, Founder and CEO

Peter Šteblaj, Ph.D. of Mechanical Engineering, with more than ten years of experience in acoustic research and development, successfully runs NEST Systems.

“As a leader of a multidisciplinary team of experts, I develop concepts and actively participate in the development stage of each product, as well as in the implementation phase with each individual customer. I poured my values and tendency to innovate into the business model. The company is expanding into new geographic markets and successfully developing tailored solutions.”

Production management system (MES)

In NEST Systems d.o.o. we develop and integrate automated MES that provides complete control and optimization of the production process.

Monitoring the condition of production equipment and enabling full control.

Monitoring the parameters, quality, and balance of manufactured products.

Reduction of standstills, complaints, and higher production efficiency.

Research and development

Research and development is our company’s guiding principle.

We are dedicated to the development of specialized technological products, which are the result of our knowledge and many years of experience, providing optimized and tailored solutions for our customers.

Continuous upgrades of our knowledge and the use of the latest technologies provide a comprehensive professional approach to ourclient’s’ problems.


NEST SYSTEMS is an internationally renowned company working with many external experts in the field of acoustic signal processing. We provide a good working environment, a young and professional team, and the development of the latest products for foreign clients.

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    Nest Systems offers tailored, innovative technical solutions through diagnostics and the use of acoustic signals.

    Our solutions optimize equipment and processes, reduce costs, improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. We are reliable and responsible towards our employees, customers, business partners, society, and the environment. We are a reliable business partner, responsible towards our employees, customers, business partners, society, and the environment.

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