Wood industry

Elevated temperature, material inhomogeneity, and the presence of foreign particles in the wood are the biggest enemies of working tools in the wood industry.

Nest Systems offers autonomous and user-friendly products for diagnosis and control of the band and circular saws in wood processing turns. By detecting defects in the woodworking process, they provide effective solutions that will extend the life span of the machine wear.

Environmental monitoring

Sound pollution is a growing problem in today’s fast-paced society. We offer both, simple and advanced systems with 24/7 environmental monitoring. By examining the noise being produced, we make it easier to limit its harmful effects.

Work safety

You only get one pair of ears, so protecting your hearing is very important, both in the workplace and in the everyday life. We developed a system to test hearing ability and evaluate the efficiency and performance of ear mufflers, which is marenly used for institutional research.

Security segment

To define the safe speech zone, we developed a simple measurement system that determines the area where intelligible speech can no longer be understood.

Specialized products

At Nest Systems we also develop unique, specialized products for end-users with specific preferences.