Research and development activity is the guiding principle of our company. We are dedicated to the development of specialized technological products, which are the result of our knowledge and many years of experience, providing optimized and tailored solutions for our customers.

Constant knowledge development and usage of recent technologies allow us to approach our customers’ problems most comprehensively and professionally possible.

A comprehensive approach and out-of-the-box thinking are key preferences of our business model, giving the company technical superiority and higher added value. Our business model allows us to research, develop, evaluate and produce specialized products, tailored to the individual client.

Development is attained by a multidisciplinary team of in-house and external experts in acoustics, programming, electrical engineering, marketing, signal processing, embedded systems, hardware design, mathematics, and statistics. Development is carried out in close cooperation with the client, abiding by their needs and wishes.

The pandemic has brought numerous technological challenges, where the importance of self-development stood out. As a company, we understand that in-house development is key to the survival of technology companies and taking the latter to the next level. That is also the reason why we invested most of our profit in research and development.

Our development strategy and project-based approach ensure we can manage issues faster at all stages of the development cycle – from concept to final solution, givinga us competitive advantage.